• Contents:

 -Emergency Mission  "Giant-killing Sword" (巨人殺しの剣)  Second Phase Begins.

-Subjugation Mission "Supreme Ruler of the Sky" ( 大空の覇者 ) Begins (May 25th~June 22nd).

-Revival Mission "Treasured Sword of Mo Ye" ( 莫邪の宝剣 ) Begins (May 29th 0:00~June 4th 23:59).

  • 3,300,000 Registered User Celebration:

-1 SC Login Present May 26th~June 1st (7 Total).

-Commemoration Premium Summoning Begins.

+Every 5 Summons for Premium 1/2 and Pick-up, you'll receive a Rainbow Fairy (May 25th~June 8th). 

++Rainbow Fairy given after June 15th Maintenance (Max 10).

  • Exchange Quests:

Black Feng Shui User Rinne

Plat Magic Fencer Sabine

Plat Bishop Patra

Plat Pegasus Rider Ridy

Plat Samurai Momiji

Gold Samurai Chizuru

Gold Rogue Kyuteri

(Premium) Black Monster Slayer Societe ( 聖魔殺しの銃手ソシエ ):


() (s; ; AS: ; WT: ; CT: )

 () (s; ; AS: ; WT: ; CT: ) 


 (Premium) Black Priest Warrior Aix (  神官戦士団長エクス ): 



() (s; ; AS: ; WT: ; CT: )

() (s; ; AS: ; WT: ; CT: ) 



There's no information concerning the second Black character being added to Premium. Don't know if her name should be Aix or X.

The staff seem to want me to waste SC this month... Though, 130 SC means I would only get 5 Rainbow Fairies, which isn't that many, especially compared to if I went and spent part of that on a 1.5x Daily Event. I think they're going to need to do better than that (i.e. additional rainbow crystals per summon).

The Black Monster Slayer, going by her name, probably specialises in damaging angels and demons, or just monsters in general.