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-Special Emergency Mission "Memories of the Battlefield ~Recollection Episode~" ( 戦場の記憶 ~追憶の章~ ) Begins.

-Majin Advent Kimaris ( キメリエス ) Begins (2 Weeks; with harder missions added on latter).

-Subjugation Mission "Ultramarine Blue Coral Reef" ( 群青の珊瑚礁 ) Begins (July 27th~August 24th).

-Revival Mission "Memories of the Battlefield" ( 戦場の記憶 ) Begins (July 31st~Augtust 6th).

(Event) Plat Rogue Sayo ( 義賊サヨ ):

Sayo ( サヨ ):

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 (): (s; ; AS: ; WT: ; CT: )



OK, it looks like I'm going to have a lot of work next week. I have 13 files to translate until I'm done with the first chapter of the project I'm being paid to translate. I don't know if they have the 2nd chapter's scripts ready, but I probably can finish about 10 files today and tomorrow, so I won't have much to do after the maintenance on Thursday.