• Contents:

-Revival Mission "Tactician's Successor" ( 軍師の後継者 ) Begins (August 21st~27th).

-Certain UI Renewal Implemented.

-Story Mission Split into Chapters.

-Information Button Added to Story and Daily Mission Banner (enemies and drop items)

-Orb Screen UI Renewed.

-If you press on Orb in AW Screen, you can check details.

-Prince Rank-up Stamina/Charisma Overflow Feature Added (i.e. level up at 2/18 stamina, and you get 20/18).

  • ★4 Challenge Missions (Jungle):

-密林の強者 ・黒き狂戦士 ・立ち並ぶ軍旗 ・解き放たれし封印 ・魔界の洗礼 ・オークの勇士 ・湿地の激戦 

  • Pick-up Summoning

-Theme: Multi-Attack Units

Black: Berna, Mikoto, Aisha, Kayou

Plat: Sakuya, Anelia, Raven, Katina, Cenote


I've been waiting for Lian's revival for a long, long time. Now I can see if I can get her to min-cost. Mine's been stuck at 12 Cost and Skill 2/5 since I got her from her original event. I have 1329 revival crystals, and really only need 500 for any future time fairies (unless I want to get Eterna or Karma at mincost). 

Divine Beast Sphinx paralysing everyone without an easy warning makes me think I should 2AW Liana into a Hierophant for the status ailment immunity. Fortunately for me, I have Erenia, Lilia, Roana, and Shirley with status ailment immunity. Though, them having 3k attack at 84 attack speed (30fps) when they're supposed to be weakened makes me think it would be impossible for me to tank them and keep the tank healthy if it's raised to something much higher for the upcoming Divine Beast Event (they have 1.5k defence and 10% magic resistance, so Shirley punching one into paralysis would greatly help someone like Nanaly since Nanaly can deliver close to 1.7k damage one out of every five shots for me).