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-Demon Summoner AW: Demon Master ( デモンマスター )

+Mat: M.Fencer, Mage, Witch; Orb: Lord Witch, Curse Master

  • Pick-up Summoning:

Black: Heavy Dina, Princess Sybilla, Bow Rider Leone, M.Fencer Ingrid

Plat: Ninja Hina, P.Rider Ridy, C.Armour Regina, Raikou Ramii, Tengu Konoha

(Premium) Plat Maid Lina ( 妖魔の侍女リーナ ):

Lina ( リーナ ):

 ( 黒ゴブリン式速射弓術 ): (15s; attack 1.6x; long range [] attack; attack speed quickened; AS: ; WT: ; CT: )

 ( 妖魔のおもてなし ): (20s; self and target races attack 1.4x; long range [] attack; attack speed quickened; AS: ; WT: ; CT: )

 ( 侍女の忠誠(亜人) ): elf (half elf, dark dark) and dwarf attack +7%; orc max HP +10%; beastman gain poison and status ailment immunity.

 ( 侍女の献身(亜人) ):  elf (half elf, dark dark) and dwarf attack +10%; orc max HP +15%; beastman gain poison and status ailment immunity. 

 (2AW) (): 

■▲■ Feng Shui Rinne  ■▲■ 

Rinne: "Lift up from beneath...?"

Rinne: "Like this...?"

*Yusa* (Jiggle)

■▲■ Rinne Scene #1 ■▲■ 

Rinne: "......"

I wonder how much time has passed.

Ever since I came face-to-face with the girl before me, I feel like my sense of time has frozen.

Rinne: "......"

This is my opportunity to interview her that was set up by Anna and Katie.

I placed cups filled with tea on the desk between us, and then we just sat there staring at each other.

——Tokiyomi Feng Shui Rinne. I haven't really spoken with her outside the battlefield. But it doesn't seem like she dislikes me.

Rinne: "......"

She's a young beauty that can catch ten-thousand eyes, but she has a personality that behaves as if she has left her charm behind somewhere. Her allies also feel uncomfortable around her, since she rarely opens her mouth.

They said she was a master of Feng Shui of some country that used to exist in the Orient. It was only by coincidence we rescued her from being confined in the basement of some castle ruins where she was left to die. She was so weak, it was a miracle that she wasn't dead.

Rinne: "... Ah...... Ah......"

I couldn't understand what she was saying, so I asked her to repeat herself, but Rinne closed herself up again in her silent fortress.

She's been like this for some time now. The sun has set long ago, we just stared at one another under the fickle light of candles.

Rinne: "...... Forgive me. I (吾; Ah)...... have a problem due to my long captivity...... I cannot spin words as I would like. Despite that, I want to have a proper...... conversation with you (汝; nare)......"

I was taken aback by her sudden utterance of words.

With her strange pronunciation, she had a mysterious voice that has something definite about it like an empty vessel that has fallen.

Rinne: "I am...... a Feng Shui Master...... That is what you define me as......?"

I couldn't fully understand her, but I nodded regardless.

Rinne: "I see... That is right. In the empire I once belonged, I was called that, as if I acted in that capacity, I was forced to live..."

Her deep blue eyes, that were like old wells, quietly reflected me without a single ripple of emotion on their apathetic surface. 

In an effort to know her background, I uttered meddlesome words right there for the first time. 

Rinne: "I was appointed by the imperial family at the age of five...... Few years have passed before I received the highest ranking as a Feng Shui Master...... And then I was confined by officials who declared that my guidance reports did not suit national interests."

Rinne: "However, that is a trivial matter...... What you should know is not my history, is it my skills...... No, my work that you should know...?"

A fearless light gleamed from both of Rinne's eyes.

Rinne: "I am one who bears the work of Tokiyomi."

Rinne: "If I were to match it to your words, it is predicting the future. Predicting the future... This is another absurdity. I am unable to shoot the mark. That is not right at all."

Laughing at her words, her face is filled with her usual emptiness.

I spoke the common name of those with false powers to predict the future.

Rinne: "Yogensha? It is a soothsayer...? Or a prophet...? Fumu... I do not know the shade of meaning of those words you spun."

Rinne: "If you mean the ones who speak the words of those called gods... then absolutely not... I speak through me... Not once have I taken the words of others..."

Rinne: "On the other hand... If I were to declare that I am one entrusted with the words of the gods... That I am such a grand existence... Even if I decided that for myself, I cannot advocate it... In the first place, there is no test to hear the voice of the gods."

Rinne: "That is right... Everything I do is from memory... From the day of my birth... The results of all the processes until the moment I decay... It is all diligently engraved... in this head."

Right there, Rinne touched her pale, beautiful fingertip to her temple.

Rinne: "As for Tokiyomi... It is not one who recites just time. There are rips, tears, and open seams in all events... I view, connect, and put those cuts into words..."

Rinne: "Fumu... Since I'm limited by words like this... ... I see... It is not a great power... Here, Prince... Come to my side."

As if beckoned by the honey in her words, I walk up beside her with a swiftness that surprises even myself.

—*Gadan*. Suddenly, there was a heavy sound behind me.

When I looked around, the tall bookshelf that was set up in this room collapsed onto the place I was just at.

Rinne: "... It will be all right... Think of the wooden shelf as in constant balance... When it is most unexpected... It will bear its fangs... That was close..."

Rinne said with a strange, stilted voice.

That bookshelf hasn't collapsed a single time before now. Imagining it ever falling over was the furthest thing in my head, there was no doubt in my mind that this matter bears significance.

Rinne: "How do you reckon...? In what way is it fake... Is this prediction? Rather... I wonder if I should have said it was known."

Rinne: "What...? This is all I'm capable of. Everything is changed by words alone. I was saved by you... You may release the words as you would like. I will merely... take your words... and give a future to you."

——Do you really know everything? Unexpectedly, I ran my mouth.

The words Rinne says are ones that hold special meaning in the Orient. Indeed, their meaning is—.

Rinne: "Fumu... A good reading... However, even that is already known. Being picked up by you... Being loved by you... Everything has been engraved in this body..."

Rinne: "... Are you afraid?"

——My curiosity and affection win out over fear. These were my true feelings.

Rinne: "... I knew... those words as well, yet... It also makes me happy. You are after all... So you are..."

Rinne: "Since it is a boring story... Did I bore you? However, today... I will end things here. Now... I shall leave you with the remaining three hands..."

Rinne: "Tonight will be cold... Half an hour later... rain will also fall. Your body... will not be cold?"

Rinne: "Well then... I shall see you... another time. With my final words... Thank you..." 

 ■▲■ ■▲■  

Rinne's work is 刻詠 (Kokuei; Tokiyomi). I've always known this compound to be read as Kokuei, but Rinne's entry on the Pixiv encyclopaedia has it as Tokiyomi.

Based on Rinne's explanation, can you guess what Tokiyomi means (it's a two word compound)? 

Don't try to look it up. What I'm interested in is whether Rinne is good at explaining things, or if she's the kind of person whose words are impenetrable to the point you need to nod your head when she talks with little clue as to what she talking about. Though guessing what Tokiyomi means is way easier than Kokuei if you know rudimentary Japanese.

Nanaly: "Were you doing Septuple Shot with Prince in the bedroom? Were you using Horseback Riding Position?"

Leone: "Wh... Why would I do that with the Prince!?"

Nanaly: *Jiro Jiro* (Stare)

 ■▲■ ■▲■   

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