• Contents:

-Revival Mission "Geomancer and the Crimson Cult" ( 風水士と紅の教団 ) Begins (April 3rd 0:00~April 9th 23:59).

+Certain Mission Difficulty/Life/Drops Modified.

  • 3 Million Registered User Campaign 2nd Phase:

-Rainbow Fairy Login Present (Mar 31st~April 6th; Total: 7).

-Story/Daily Mission Drop 1.5x, and Orb 2x Event (Until April 6th).

+On April 1st/2nd, the following Daily Missions are all released:

Golden Armour ( 黄金の鎧 )

Spirit Rescue ( 聖霊救出 )

New Magic Crystal Guardians ( 新魔水晶の守護者 )

Gift from the Sky ( 空からの贈物 )

Drink Party for just Men ( 男だけの祝杯 )

  • New 4-Star Challenge Missions (Magic City):








  • Other:

-Dark Cardinal Skill AW Implemented.

+Verdinath and Belzetta.