News + Request Stream info for October!
Hey everyone! A bit delayed I know I'm sorry! I just want to fill everyone in on stuff going on!

As you know Entanglement is back in full swing, and I have been spending the month busting my ass with my free time in FFXIV (I need something to do to wind down to weh). |3 For those who may want to game with me, I am on the Ultros server just hit me up. (I am fine helping people out. I'm mostly just trying to make a gil income around maxing out my main X3).

Beyond that, we are nearing the second year anniversary for Entanglement on January 2nd. I'd like to do something for it but I'm not sure what. :( MDIAMG's year anniversary will be in March and am also curious on what to do for that. If you have suggestions I'm all for hearing them!

But thanks to the new system I'm doing with Entanglement, I do have character slots open for people who want to make guest appearances available. When those go live it'll be posted here, no worries.

But with my husband's vacation (told last minute ~_~) happening on the 22nd-29th, I am trying ot get everything done ahead of time to 1) create a buffer, and 2) So I can spend some of those days off with my family.

Because of the days left though, I will leave it up to you all: With how much work I need done this week I cannot do the request stream this week so I'd like to hear from you all: October 20th (Thursday) or have 2 request streams in November?

I am going to be working on finishing up this month this week, but I am also pushing to get as much work done for November -and- December this week as well if I can. This is mostly because with the holiday season I'll have a lot to do, I'm not sure what my family's plans are, so it is best to be prepared.

So let me know. I'll announce this week which it'll be for the request stream and get up a means to take everyone's requests like before. :)

I hope everyone is having a good october!