News Update: VanCAF, New World Anthology, and Patreon Medallions!
Here's a little news update for everyone! First: I will be at VanCAF next weekend! May 23-24! If you are going to be in Vancouver, you should stop by! It's free!!! Second: The New World anthology kickstarter is live! check it out! I have a 12 page comic in this thing, and I've posted a couple preview pages up here on patreon. I worked really hard on it and I think it's great! Karla Pacheco wrote it! She's also great! Check it out, go back it! Third: I have been REALLY SLOW in shipping out patreon medallions for the $5+ tiers. If you haven't gotten yours yet, send me a message! If you'd like to buy one for $6 (five dollars plus a dollar for shipping), message me!!