Tier Benefits
$1 or more per thing 0 patrons
Get access to patreon only posts.

Get early access to posts (usually 7 days, but sensitive materials may be longer).

The posts will *not* be the same content.  

Includes Discord rewards
Good Friends
$3 or more per thing 0 patrons
Above Plus:

Posts may be at a separate level.  

Discord Rewards at second tier.

Thank you for contributing at this level.  You are contributing a huge amount for us.  Some months we have managed as many as 5 posts, so this is totally a bonus for us.  And well, we really look at the people supporting us (however they can) rather than the amount a person is supporting us.

Includes Discord rewards
Great Friends
$5 or more per thing 0 patrons
Above Plus:

Have one free "pending thing" created in your name/month.  

Third Tier Discord Benefits

This is even more awesome if you can manage it.  Thank you very much for your contribution.  

Includes Discord rewards
Awesome Friends
$10 or more per thing 1 patron
Above Plus:

Discount on items on the site.

Suggest Picarto emoji additions (when doing that).

Fourth Tier Discord Benefits.

Includes Discord rewards
Offered Family
$20 or more per thing 0 patrons
Above Plus:

Have Picarto icon named for you.

Fifth Tier Discord benefits.

Possible mailing of physical projects (music, whatever we happen to create).

Have a new "research project" created of your own devising, plus all rewards of $10 reward plan.

Includes Discord rewards
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