Thank you for backing my Patreon! Not only has the $75 mark been met it has been surpassed! The last few months I've been releasing fully rendered illustrations with each chapter rather than waiting till the $100 mark is met and including them with the sketches. This month you will get Chapter 14, a PDF of sketches, AND the  illustration.

   Chapter 14: Eyes of a- is online now and ready for Patrons to download!

   This month's PDF of sketches will be posted later today!

   Chapter 15 will be posted in early July as it is nearly ready to post.

   Next month's PDF of sketches will be posted around the same time I post Ch 15.


   I hope to rework my Patreon page soon so it's more streamlined and maybe make an intro video finally as I have a microphone that works now. I also hope to do some experimental audio readings of part of the book for those that are interested!

   Also included in the rework of the Patreon page will be more things for  my Dystopian Magical Girl comic, Magic Remains!

  Thank you again for helping me continue to create through some difficult times.

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins