Newsletter (February 2021)

Thanks to all patreons for your support.

Rewards for last month's $10+ Patreons will be send out via Patreon message at the end of the Month.

If you have any questions please reach out to me via Patreon message or my homepage contact options thank you.

[Annual Patreons] If you are one of my Annual Patreons, please send me your Discord name by private message. I will give you a special rank on Discord, thanks for your support.

Upcoming for February

Neon Nights Comic:
I will continue to release Neon Nights comic pages this month.
I hope to create an animation this month and show it to you =)
For more information, visit Patreon or my Website!

Monthly Patreon request:
The 'Monthly Patreon Request' will continue and will be published on the 2nd of the month.

January releases


CG Gallery:

Older releases


CG Gallery & WIP:


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