Newsletter (April 2020)

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Upcoming for May

Staying The Night:
The comic "Staying The Night" Volume 1 will end this month with 108 pages. There will be some bonus pictures and 4K images.

Staying The Night 2:
I've been working on "Staying The Night 2" since last month, so I will show you some WIP pictures this month and keep you up to date. My goal is to get to the point where I can continue with "Staying The Night 2" after the comic "Friendly Competition".

Friendly Competition:
Actually the comic was planned for April, but I moved it to May so that two comics wouldn't run at the same time and confuse people. But it will be published this month completely (about 50 pages).

1. Original version with the guy
2. Girl only version without the guy

After the Main Story 1-2 bonus picture sets will be published, which I have created additionally.

New Girl #06+ / CG Gallery :
If I find the time, I'm working on some new girls and can show you some pictures, but I can't confirm it 100%, because I'm actively working on "Staying the Night 2" right now.

April releases


CG Gallery:

Older releases


CG Gallery: 


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