NewUpload(only for $10 patrons)

It's been awhile since I've had the chance to upload something on Patreon. This month's video is a recorded lecture in Shanghai that was released on the internet.  Many people asked for a subtitled version of this so I asked my friend (the writer of this) to translate and subtitled it.  Please support the release of this English subtitled version if you would like to have more videos in the future!

This time we're releasing the video into two parts.  The first part is an one hour long video fully subtitled and divided into perspective, proportion, and structure.  

The perspective section demonstrates how to rotate objects on a plane, and keeping multiple items in background in perspective. The lesson teaches students to be able to draw objects from every possible angle.

The proportion section demonstrates the foreshortening of objects and how to calculate the space between objects and their sizes.  The practical application on the human body is also shown as I draw various foreshortened poses with measured accuracy.

The structure section demonstrates how to divide the human body into simpler parts and builds it into more complicated forms. Difficult subjects such as hands and feet are broken down into basic geometric forms and shown how to draw them in various angles without references.

Each section of the tutorial will contain:

1. Explanation of the theories.

2. Step by step progress with many examples.

This video will only for $ 10 patrons,so,If you want this video,please change your rewards to $10.:)