Newyears Cleanup and other progress
I had a Photoshoot(as a model) planned for today, but unfortunately it got cancelled. This gave me time to rest a little and set some stuff straight for myself. One task that has been pending for like forever was to clear up my archive(s). My archive was a totel mess. I have had quite some computertroubles when i was at school, and since I was pretty much stressed out all the time I decided I didnt wabt to start organising, and also ontop of that the cable to one of my external disks broke so yeah, chaos and panic. 

Yesterday I finally got a new cable, dispite our financial shitstorm, and I finally found concentration, motivation and focus to get some shit done in therms of organising, so I went right ahead. My Graphic files(digitaldrawingsandstuff) was HORRIBLE! And I still haven't finished clearing that up. So far however I managed to Clear up my photography, phone photos, downloads, dumpfolders, "backups"(just entire messy desktopfolders), and all that stuff sorted, and I found back a good amount of files I can actually use really well! Yay!

I feel much better now that my computer is nearly clean, and feel like this is a good step to organising my life and starting some serious projects, getting out there, challenging myself, and just picking up myself in general from my longtherm pityparty. 

Over the following weeks I will be Reorganising my Socialmedia. I will be Making sure that all the content I upoad will be uploaded on the same time on al my Social media (except ofcourse the patreon only posts, they're just for patrons) I will be Cleaning up, updating and reorganising Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Deviantart, Twitch,  500px, Flickr, bescouted and maybe even twitter, even if just to let everyone know I updated my journals.

Today I also realised I wasn't happy with How my cam always looked, probably because I decided to download the streams on the "Draw this againChallenge" I've been streaming to make a speed draw out of it. I remembered a friend had said something about Using your DSLR camera as a webcam for OBS, so I decided to give that a go .

I managed to install the EOS Utility and to actually get It working! I am now able to use my Eos Camera to stream visuals of my face, so that I wont be feeling uncomfortable everytime I stream becasue i feel i look stupid or Whatever! I did also discover that due to the amount of moving around with files I messed up all of my OBS layouts, and will be having to redo all that I have set up in OBS. Oh well, I guess that was coming anyway, since I'm renewing everything.

I have already encountered a problem however, which is the powersource of my new and Improved webcam. Even though I haven't tried streaming for a longer time yet, I expect my battery would run out at some point during a long stream. To prevent this I have looked into Camera Accu's that can be connecter to net power, and so far the cheapest one I found was this one:

Obviously I can't currently afford this, so I'll be changing my stream donation goals on twitch. At some point I'll want to Get a special mic for better sound aswell, since I found out the sounds in my stream turn out to be super crappy, and if I want to be filming behind the scenes Ofcourse I can't use my Photography Camera So I'll have to get a seperate compact camera for that, but for now, for digital art and faming streams, this is already a great improvement!

I also Cleaned out the living room today, Next up will be the table that serves as my office currently and after that it'll be my costumes and clothing cabinet! I really feel like I'm making amazing progress and I have faith this will help me focus on what's to come.

Oh yeah and also I will be doing an interview for a legit job next week, which is throwing some extra hectic in the mix, but I guess I'll live:'D

Quite the long update, and I feel like I've progressed quite a lot today.  Haven't done a lot that has to do with my Exposition today, but tomorrow I will be Writing about the Goal and motivation behind the Exposition I'm working on. At some point I'll also want to make anntro video on it. I have had a LOT of response on my initial Call for teams, Which is even more motivation!

Alright, so that's it for today, I'm going to finish up sorting out my Archive, and you'll get another update tomorrow!

Love, Lilith.