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The Twilight/Trixie Saga: Alicorn Amulet Training (Part 1)!

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After being run out of yet another town, Trixie Lulamoon stumbles upon a soul-crushing piece of information... Her sworn enemy, Twilight Sparkle, has become a princess and transcended into an alicorn. But The Great and Powerful Trixie has heard rumors of a magical amulet with the power to rival that of an alicorn...

This is one of crazy, epic saga's I have wanted to do for a while. A LOT of my favorite songs I have been saving for this, but we'll have to see what you guys think. It's a lot of animations to get to the ending of this one, so I wouldn't be surprised if you guys switch to something else. This will be on the voting block until it's finished. 

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