Next articles for my patreons!
Hello everyone!
Today I thought I should do regulary this type of posts where I give you the titles of the next articles and if you want, you can comment with something you want to read.
If you want your request to be done you need to became a 5$ patreon, but whenever I'll decide to, I could do some even without the reward. So, I know you're starting to get annoied, then let's start with the ideas.
Here they are elencated:
-trip to the Long Island (Dugi Otok) in Croatia article
-10 best jobs to work travelling
-other jobs you can do while travelling
-10 particular places all around the world
-cheap flies sites
-7 best ways to save money to travel (or other)

Hello there! You got throught this boring post, I know. But still you know what to expect next.
As clearly said, these articles will be available for the patreons only, so become one soon! So you'll get soon your desired readings.
Bye bye everyone! Hope you'll have a nice evening today!

Oh and for the cronacles a picture of me doing shopping! I know weird... but it is me!