Next Batch of Groups
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The basic pattern is to start with the winners and work our way down to the ... people who haven’t won as much.

    Group 1: Feb 28 – aka next week

Brian Kelly

Paul Rietzl

Rachel Agnes

Rodrigo Togores

    Group 2: March 7

Oliver Tiu

Chris Pikula

Eric Froehlich

Bob Maher

    Group 3: March 14

Rich Shay

Randy Buehler

David Ochoa

David Williams

Rules reminder: 1st and 2nd place from Group 1 make the playoffs, along with 1st place from Group 2, and 1st place from the Wildcard Group. The Wildcard Group plays on March 20th and is composed of 3rd and 4th from Group 1, 2nd from Group 2, and 1st from Group 3. Anyone tied for last in Group 3 is demoted to next season’s Play-In Tournament.

    Tiebreakers reminder:

Most match wins in current group

Game win % in current group

Head to Head, looking at the entire season

Match win % for entire season

Game win % for entire season

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