next ep & video turns me on
Hello my friends and supporters!

Time has not been running as expected, but, you know, it never does! So here we are with some great news that a new fresh EP and video is just around the corner. I have just finished first "final-final draft" of the title track "Turns Me On".

This song has its beginnings two years ago when I was particularly intensively  thinking about the 'sexist programming of the male mind'. In other words, how we, men, are - in some perspective - programmed to be turned on by certain mostly visual cues via the relentless selling of desire, promised pleasure and freedom.

During on and off sessions and fragmented lyric writing, quick track drafting and with a lot of help of my wonderful troupe The Feminalz (of the Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers fame!) the club number with blinking crotch was born. Huge thanks should go out also to amazing Ursula Martinez (UK) and her workshop at City of Women in 2014.

This is not the first time I'm "translating" music for stage onto a 'recording' or audio release, so the troubles in the processes are not new. But once you are nearing that final-final stage it becomes extremely enjoyable.

For the EP I have millions ideas: the remixes, the edits, the versions, the B-sides. And there's a pretty and crazy low-budget quicky shoot-and-edit-now-! synopsis for the video ready to be put to life.

Well, we'll see how all that goes within that narrow timeframe that we have imposed upon ourselves (oh my!).  It would be ideal to have this release out as a nice announcement of the Image Snatchers technoburlesque show happening 26/may!

Meanwhile enjoy today's timelapse above finishing the final-final.

With warm heart,