Next FB LIVE Tonight!
My next Facebook Live will be TONIGHT, Sunday, Dec 18 at 10pm EST, 7pm PST. Gonna bring some political fire and set it on LOVE! 🔥💜🔥 

Join me here: 

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My Fellow Humans~
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Every dollar counts and it all adds up to some real change! Thanks! I'll give you access to my Patron Only Feed here on Patreon where I post updates and group items, and you will also be invited to join my special Patron Only Private Facebook Group: "Humanculture" where I'll do private LIVE concerts.  
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Someone told me that you like music!? I've got 7 albums of previously released music spanning my 16 year career and I've put them all into a private soundcloud playlist for you. You'll be able to stream all of my previously released music anytime you want 24/7 and I may just throw a few unreleased goodies in there for fun! PLUS you'll get the Patreon feed and be invited to join my "Humanculture" Facebook Group! 
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You've listened to all those albums and you want the JUICE! The LIVE juice! On top of the studio albums you'll also have access to my private stash of LIVE shows from 15 years of performing with so many different artists its hard to keep up!  PLUS the album stream, Patron Only feed, and the private FB group.  
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Ever wonder what it's like to be a Human?  I post regular videos from my travels and adventures and stories about what is happening with my career and even sometimesa song here and there.  

Plus you'll get the links to stream my albums and shows, the Patreon feed, and the Humanculture FB group!

Let's Kick It!
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You’re invited to a monthly Google Hangout or Facebook Live, your chance for us to talk directly, perhaps with special guests in free roaming discussions of music, food, health and the deeper meaning of life. Ask us anything, let's sing a bit, and help everyone find their happy place! Plus you'll get all the lower level rewards...
You Party Animal!
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Keep your eye on the schedule, and when I'm close and you can make it out, RSVP through email for guest list VIP access for two, for one or more of my shows each year (probably doesn’t include big music festivals but feel free to ask!) Let’s meet and greet! Plus you'll get all the lower level rewards...
Buen Provecho
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An upgrade from the meet and greet, we call this the Eat and Greet. Have dinner for two on us at a “nice” place with me and maybe a few random people (could be a band member, could be a film maker or permaculture expert, you never know) when our paths cross. Keep an eye on the schedule, RSVP through email, and we can set this up! This is the special reward for foodies, let’s all sit down for a chat over a glass of wine or tea! Plus you'll get all the lower level rewards... tickets, kick it's, video feed, music streams, the Patreon and FB group. 
The Co-Write
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I will work with you on a song that we write together! It'll be OUR SONG and we can share the publishing royalties. Do you have an idea for a song? Ever wonder what it's like to co-write with a real published songwriter? This is your chance. We can do this over skype, or if my tour routing allows, in person. Plus we can do dinner, you can be my guest at shows, see my video updates, stream my music, and join my Patron only feed and FB group. 
Pura Vida!
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Join me for three days on my permaculture farm in Costa Rica learning about the local culture, the plants and animals as well as sustainable food production. This usually happens each year sometime between December and April when the conditions are perfect for a blissful experience! Please email for full details and travel tips - we'll talk about the plans in advance, on the phone or Skype to make sure your visit is comfortable and to your liking. We hope you’re not afraid of water because we love to dip in the ocean or the river at least once a day! This reward includes help with planning your visit to Costa Rica, simple food and accommodations for two, for three days at the permaculture farm in season, excluding airfare and transportation. Plus you'll get all the lower level rewards...
Ultimate Fan Experience
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Join me on a private week long tour of Costa Rica. We'll stay at amazing 4-star eco-resorts, hot springs, waterfalls, visit permaculture farms, and you'll be treated to nightly intimate concerts. We'll eat at only the best curated organic restaurants and check out the most incredible nature that the beautiful country has to offer. We'll also visit my farm, swim in the river, and you will be treated to free yoga classes and permaculture- based discussions if desired. OR we'll go to the beach and just chill. We'll fully customize the journey for you. Airfare is excluded but we can help with booking and options and make sure you are well prepared for your Costa Rica adventure. Plus, you'll get all the lower level rewards...
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