Next Google Hangout!
Hey guys, we did our first google hang out not long ago which was a total blast!!! John and I are deciding on a date right now which will be sometime next week!

Rosa Parra & Gareth Hood I'm hoping you can be in there!

Andrew Hays & Totally Jumbled, I know you weren't able to make it last time, so hopefully you can make this one!

As for the rest, if you'd like to get involved, you know what to do! Check out our Rewards Tier! 

Hangouts only allow up to 10 people at a time, would love for more friends to be included!!! Get your spot ASAP!!!

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Hop Aboard the Good Ship Reject! 🚢
$1 or more per month
First of all - welcome!! Thank you for joining us.    


- Participate in our WEEKLY Q&A (Vlog)

Throughout the week, we'll take questions from Patrons and upload full video responses EXCLUSIVELY to our Patreon feed! :)) 

LINK To View All Q&A Vids:

- EARLY ACCESS to a good amount of Youtube videos (Be the first ones to see!)

-Fun Pictures that won't be posted anywhere else

- Access to our Exclusive Reel Rejects Patreon feed including:

. Polls

. Surveys

. Channel Updates

- Access to our BLOCKED VIDEOS that were originally supposed to go on Youtube (cause that does happen more often than people realize haha)

Think of this as the first ring of the inner-circle of Rejects... Kind of like Hell in Dante's Inferno, so... enjoy!

$5 or more per month
Ooh, this one's fun...  and if you already love our Youtube Channel then this is probably what you're looking for :)

Click the link to view the list of episodes we have covered!

T.V. Shows We Are Currently Watching OR Finished:


  1. Attack On Titan // (SEASON 1 - Complete) (Season 2)
  2. My Hero Academia // (SEASON 1 - Complete) (Season 2)
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood // (Season 1)
  4. Supernatural // (Season 1)
  5. Riverdale // (SEASON 1 - Complete) (Season 2)
  6. Gotham // (Season 1)
  7. Cobra Kai // (SEASON 1 - Complete)
  8. The Flash // (SEASON 4 - Complete)
  9. Atlanta // (SEASON 2 - Complete)
  10. Black Lightning // (Season 1)

And from Time to Time we will cover music videos & an occasional Patron Video Request!

We receive so many requests on the daily that we often have to stick to what's most requested on Youtube, over here, they're a combination of videos we just want to check out or are requested from Patron-O-Jects!

Bloops 'N Pix!!! 🎞
$10 or more per month
Okay, so check it  -- you get all that other stuff from before, PLUS you'll get all those extra photos we never publish AND the extra footage we thought was pretty funny, but had to cut because our LaughOmatron 9000 can't handle too much juice in one episode...

We're talkin' bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes, alternate endings, that time Greg was on It's Always Sunny... all that!

(**Except the time when Greg was on It's Always Sunny because we don't actually own that. 👍🏼)

Whaddya Say, Patron of the Day?! 🙌🏼
$15 or more per month
Expecto PATRONum!

Okay, now I know what you're thinking...  

"Jeez, guys.  ANOTHER thing?  There are enough 'things' in my life, I need something real, y'know, something...  personal...   I dunno.. like old times?  The old times when you used to.. look at me like you loved me.. and like I was someone that you felt a living, breathing, human connection, with...  y'know?"

And to that... all we have to say... is that you'll ALSO get an Exclusive *customized* shout-out in one of our YouTube videos!  

Send us a photo, we'll include it in the shout out!  Send us a hand-painted, homemade picture!  Send us a piece of hair to hold up on camera!  (but please don't send much more than that...)

...and all that stuff from before also!

Let's Hang Out!™ 👯‍♂️
$30 or more per month

Welcome back to the Dante's Inferno metaphor!

In this circle of Reject Hell, you'll get to hang out with us in a round table video or audio chat format, ratta-tat-tat, ya got that?!

Keeping this one short.  Come hang out with us!

We'll Thank You With Our Hands 👍👍👍
$45 or more per month
Exactly what the title says!  But in case there's any confusion, we're going to write you a hand-written Thank You letter!!!

You'll receive a personalized correspondence of thanks made of our own, distinct markings (we'll probably draw on it too) and it'll all be carried to you with the help of the hard working humans of the United States Postal service!

Thank YOU, public institutions!

Patron Requested Video 💻
$50 or more per month
We get a lot of video requests in a day...  but maybe you don't want to wait for the winds of fate to blow your chosen video into favor with the Elder Gods of YouTube...

Well, just think of this one as a Fast Pass...  to the video of your DREEEEAAAAAMS!  

Whatever video you request, we'll react to it on our YouTube channel!!  

Just.. y'know... keep it classy & don't violate the terms & conditions.  👍

Body by Rejecté 💃
$60 or more per month
We've recently launched a MERCH STORE!  

There will be more designs to come, but for now, we have a great selection! We'll send you one of our special little guys hand-personalized with our own, distinct markings!

We're gonna sign that shit!  We'll kiss it if you want us to!

Hell, we'll even write a fun phrase on it if you get straight A's and promise to eat all your government-issued nutritionary pills!

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