Next Guest Update & 'Extra Time' Details
Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that the next episode, dropping April 19th, is already recorded and man is it a good one! If you've enjoyed the episodes I've done with writers from shows like Colbert, Conan, and John Oliver then this one you are really going to sink your teeth into! My guest that episode will be Jason Zinoman, NY Times Comedy Critic and author of the new book "Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night." His insight into the past 40 years of comedy is unparalleled and his enthusiasm is infectious. 

Now, as for these "Extra" episodes. Here's the basic details. These bonus episodes will involve me sitting down with a guest and discussing the past month's pop culture happenings. Each episode will be around an hour long (though who's to say they can't be way longer! But around an hour is the minimum I'm hoping for). They will be released within the last five days of the month. That way it's a tight enough timeframe where you know when it should be arriving and gives enough leeway that I can try and release them on a Friday morning in time for the weekend or before a holiday etc. Something where I'm not hard wired into needing to release it on the exact last day of the month or something. 

Those WILL start at the end of April! So just because this Patreon went live mid-month, doesn't mean you're getting skimped on the Extra Time!

That's all for now!

You're beautiful!