A "Next Incarnation / Next Level" Tarot Spread

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As part of my public blog series, I've decided to start including Tarot Spreads. 

Different Spreads are being created and shared by Patrons over in our Discord group chats, and those spreads will be shared here as well (with their consent and credit)! 

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This spread was created by me (Luchiana) for our group chat with the intention of shedding some light on what archetypes we're playing out in the current moment ... and what is keeping us from flying higher? 

If you want, you can separate the Tarot deck into The Major and Minor Arcanas. 

Then you can draw cards 1 & 3 from The Major Arcana and card 2 from the Minor. But this isn't necessary!

You could also hypothetically do this spread with an Oracle deck - but depending on the deck I'm not sure if the results will make sense. 

Card #1: Who am I being currently? What Archetype am I embodying? What patterns am I playing out?  What traits am I exuding? What part am I playing in the movie that is my life?

Card #2: What is "blocking" me from achieving my next level of being? What is holding me back? What is keeping me behind? What pattern is stuck in my loop? 

Card #3: Who or What is my next level? What am I meant to do next? To be next? What am I meant to embody next? 

* IF YOU'RE NEW TO TAROT REMEMBER there are no "bad" cards. Simply cards that reflect experiences, traits or embodiment. I have drawn the "Death" card in future readings MANY times! Remember that Tarot speaks in metaphors. Death means "transformation" and leaving old things behind. Don't freak yourself out!

If you decide to try this spread, please hop into our Discord chat (if you're a patron) or comment below and let us know what you got! 


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