Next Livestream - Sunday May 24 - open to everyone
Mark your calendars, The May Livestream date is: Sunday May 24 - 5pm in Portland / 8pm east coast To increase attendance, and to make things more fun for everyone, this stream is open to all patrons (and non-patrons too). Watch the event here: --- *I* will be on the video, you won't appear in the video. --- You chat and submit questions in the text-chat window. Don't worry if you are shy, you don't have to be on camera. You don't have to do anything but watch. --- The Video chat will be one hour long, starting at 5. the livestream page says 4:30 - 6:30. That's for set up, and running overtime. --- You can drop in whenever you like. --- Last time, some people posted comments I couldn't see. When you're watching the Q&A chat stream, please post your questions in the internal chat window (as opposed to the comment area you can currently see on the link). I don't see those comments when I'm streaming. A chat area will be become available (to the right of the video on a computer, beneath the video on mobile) when the chat is live. See you soon. Sam