Alright, with Abandon completed, it is time to move onto the next work, which is already in progress. While in the end phase of publishing Abandon, I learned that I cannot handle working on more than two stories at a time. Currently, these stories are both RPs: Hybreed and Flames. Flames is the sequel to my first book, Darkness. We rejoin three hundred years after the first book ended. Ajana is back, and we have a new crew diving in to plumb the enigmatic depths of the universe. Hybreed is an idea I had about mixing reality with fantasy. What if, through science, the first anthros are created? How would they interact with the world? What would the world think of them? ... and what would they do if their 'father' suddenly was taken from their lives? I don't plan on publishing Hybreed, but one of the players has suggested that I do that. Lemme know what you all think and what stories you want to hear next!