Next Project Under Way! Cute Town Sim!!
With the Welcome Video complete, it is officially time to move right on to the next game!! 💖

Using a lot of the same scripting I have already created for the Welcome Video, Cute Town Sim will be a cute and sweet simulation of living in a pastoral village. 🏡

You will be able to gather items and gift them to your neighbors, becoming closer friends! 💞 Time elapses as you travel between the different map areas, and your friends' schedules will change.  Different flowers and bugs will be available at different times, too! 🦋

There are also many magical secrets to discover in the village!!  Level-up your friendship with the characters to initiate quests, and you just might discover what kind of magic exists all around you~ ✨

Follow along with the Sneak Peek tier or higher to get all of the updates!!