Next sprint: 30th July
Hello fabulous patrons and followers!

My crazy week of the O'Reilly Open Source Convention is done! I had a great time, and my keynote on future and emerging technologies was very well received! I was also fortunate enough to co-present a talk with my co-authors on the upcoming Kerbal Book, which I will also post once it goes on-line.

My life is now returning to some level of what might be considered "normalcy", and I'm very glad to say I have sprint dates, including:

* Thursday, 30th July (US Pacific Time)

* Sunday, 9th August (Australian Eastern Time)
* Sunday, 23rd August (tentative, Australian Eastern Time)

I'll be back in Melbourne (my hometown) next week, which should also return some level of normalcy to my presence on IRC, github, and the forums.

Thank you again for all your continuing support!

~ Paul