The Next Steps for "Thoughts of an Aspie"
As a brief recap to my activity lately, I made an initiative last month to do a more serious exploration into blogging. My first major blog project was "Thoughts of an Aspie" which is a weekly blog that covers life and mental health topics with a practical but also personal approach as well as some of the stepping stones on my journey living as an adult creative on the spectrum.

You can check what's in that blog series now on my site or read the "More About" post I made on it here to learn more about the series.

You may also remember that I mentioned possibly publishing the blogs in the future. After a lot of consideration I have decided to do just that. This is not going to change me posting the blogs. There will still be a new one each week and they will continue to be available to read on my blog even after the book publishes.

What is going to happen is that I will gathering my first 50 blogs from the series into a small book. It's going to be a physical book because I really don't want to deal with the specifics and easy theft opportunities tied to e-books. I am in general a huge fan of picking up an actual physical book and reading it so while I appreciate e-reading I don't encourage it too much.

What does this mean for the series moving forward?

It means that there will be a minor split in the content. What I mean by that is that while I will still be posting the blogs,there is a chance that the book versions will have slight differences and revisions to them. I may add a section,revise some of the content,or alter some of the blog titles when I put them into the book. In other words, the book version will be improved so it's more suitable for publishing.

This is not because I dislike the original blogs but because there are differences between the standards for book chapters and what flies in casual blogging since they are two distinctly different writing forms. I don't think they will be major changes but I do anticipate the blogs will all go through some level of polish and revision before going into the book.

The other change to how content for the blog is delivered is that there will be ten book exclusive blogs. This means that you will only be able to see them by buying the book. However, if you are a patron you will get to see six of those exclusive blogs without buying the book. Six of them will be posted to my site and patron-exclusive.

Another content change specific to the book will be art. The book will be a mixed anthology so instead of my adorable avatar accompanying the entries I will be doing original sketches for the book. Patrons will get to see some of those but some will be something you will have to buy the book to see. 

If I can work out anything like a discount or book giveaway for patrons that will also be a thing. I'm just not sure about that particular aspect at this early stage in the project. It's definitely something I want to do but it will just depend on a lot of factors closer to actually publishing the book. I highly doubt there will be promo material for this book because it's such a small scale project in comparison to my other book. If I can come up with some promo products I will but I'm not going to force it.

What is a definite is that all my current patrons will be listed in the book. It won't matter what tier or how long you've been a patron. All patrons will be on the dedication section for this book. Without my journey from hardship to being able to regain confidence to rebuild myself through Patreon support I wouldn't be even conceptualizing this project or seriously pursuing my creative endeavors to the point I am. The "Thoughts of an Aspie" blog was truly born from the hope having supporters of my work gave me that I could overcome my personal hardships and take the risk of reinventing myself, so all patron names will make it into this book.

Now I'm sure the elephant in the room at this point is why I'm planning another book when I haven't even published the other one. Technically it's just because I can but beyond that reasoning this is a much smaller scope project that will require much less work and editing than the Character Designer's Journal. I'll be writing the blog posts one way or another so tweaking them a bit and building a book from them will not require the same workload my other book does. It's actually not a huge departure from the third blog series I'm working on that is basically a lighter blog-based version of a lot of topics from the Character Designer's series with some more general creative topics thrown in. But you'll hear more about that in the summer quarter.

Finally lets talk when this will be published. I'm planning for it to contain fifty blogs and ten will be exclusive to the book. Fourteen of them are written already. The six exclusive previews will be made available to patrons as content previews over the upcoming months. This confusing math means the book content is short by twenty-six blogs right now. For the sake of surprise I am not going to list all the titles coming up but you'll see most of them in upcoming previews for the blog topics.

The ten exclusives to the book are...

  • The Ideal Time is Now!:When it's Time to Reinvent Yourself
  • A New Lease on Life:Reconciling Who You Are After Misdiagnosis
  • *When Okay is not Okay: How to Plan for Your Worst
  • *When We Confront Pain With Pain:A Closer Look at Self-Mutilation
  • *Suffrage or Stigma?:The Double-Edged Sword of Self-Disclosure
  • What it's Like to be Colorblind:A Practical Perspective on Racism
  • *Forgive or Regret?: A Practical Look at the Practice of Forgiveness
  • Why it's Good to be Kind:The Value of Fostering Empathy
  • *"I'm not Going to Make it in Today": How Mental Health Stigma is Killing our Workforce
  • *Do I Really Need to Take This?: The Epidemic of Medicating Side Effects

Ones with an asterisk(*)  will be included in upcoming patron content.

Since the blog is weekly that means the content I'm waiting on for the book won't be done for at least twenty-six weeks which puts us into some distant part of November if I've done my planning right. I'm allotting about 300 hours for art production which is an overestimation of 5 hours from concept to postwork on 50-60 sketches. That rounds up to about 13 days or just under half a month. What all that means is that I'm shooting for being able to order a proofing copy by December and hopefully officially published by January 2019. I'm planning on the book retailing for about $9.99 USD-$14.99 USD and I will most likely be selling through Blurb and possibly Amazon.

So in conclusion, if you are reading the blogs right now I greatly appreciate that and you can still look out for those each week but you can also look out for volume one of "Thoughts of Aspie" for sale as a physical book in early 2019.

As is the usual, I truly appreciate the support of my patrons and also those who have been following my blogs. I look forward to the future of not just this project by hopefully many others.

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