The next takeover

Hello listeners, 

today I have a rather big update coming along. I had some time this  week and kinda went ahead with it. Found back my motivation and started  something, finally! 

With this update I put some requests in account. Mainly its an update about urgent and overdue issues that got fixed. Yes, the damn miniguns are  a real pain! Even now, after they got fixed and work, they dont sound  right somehow. But I have to admit that I'm bound to ArmA's lovely  limitations that does not allow me to archive greater sounds for it. But  at least they should work and produce a sound what so ever. 

By saying I took requests in account I aim at the "SMA - Specialist Military Arms"  mod, that I fully support and cover at the moment. All weapons are  covered with either existing JSRS soundsets or with new unique sounds  like the AAC and SCAR weapon sounds. 

Besides that, the RHS arsenal sounds grew further -  SA58 and 61 are covered, missing suppressor sounds got fixed (except the  M76 SD sounds, which for some weird reason does not detect the silencer  attachments) and some changes where made to fit better together. 

The other part of the RHS update would be the vehicle part! I finally got myself motivated to invest some time into the lovely vehicles and covered at least a hand full of them - M113, Humvee, M2A2, M1A1, some trucks, russian Tigr, BMD and BMP and so on.  The list of vehicles is big, my list of coverage not, yet!

One big part of this update is the new tail system, tho its nothing new  at all. I kinda optimized the way JSRS handled reflections and reduced  the amount of sounds per weapon but increased the randomization of each  single effect. The game should be able to produce tail and reflection  sounds at almost any time and the on/off switching between tails and no  tails because of too much background sounds should be gone to like 95%. 

I really hope you enjoy this work and I will try my best to maintain my work and to develop it further.