The next video will be on Star Trek
So I just noticed that the voting recently changed to favour the "Marxist Roots of Neo Conservatism", but when I started doing the prep work it was "The Broken Relationships of ST:TNG" that was in the lead; next month I'll get the poll out earlier, and post a specific cut-off date.

Prior to posting that video, however, (which I HOPE to have done for the end of the month, but may be delayed by a few days), I still have the Aurini's Insight request for a review of Tombstone; though it won't technically be an In Depth Analysis vid, it will be up to the same standards, and I think you guys are really going to like it - Tombstone is the foundational myth of the American West, and old-Hollywood movie made with a modern budget, and a surprising amount of truth in it.

I have yet to do the director's commentary on Charisma for Introverts, so expect to find a link in your email to that one soon, as well - I'm working on a method that will give all new backers access to old commentary vids as well, I just need to figure out the best method of doing so.

In addition, I've been investing time and money in the sort of books which will be needed for videos down the road; books that are sometimes far too expensive for my taste, but full of invaluable data to buttress the arguments.

Thanks again for your support!