Next Video (Wire Palm Tree)
Hi all

Over the past few days I’ve been working on the latest tutorial, it’s going to be on making this palm tree.

It’s mostly made using wire for the main body of the tree and paper for the leaves, the tree also gets a liberal coat of Gesso paste to help hide some of the obvious wire lines however I wanted some subtle horizontal lines to show.

The leaves are still being worked on, the palm tree in the photo is my first prototype and I have a few changes to make. Firstly the leaf design, I’ve been printing different types and I’ve found longer cuts for each individual leaflet look a lot better! However there needs to be a balance because I don’t want to spend hours cutting out each intricate leaf.

Secondly I will be adding more leaves per tree, the photo shows 15 palm leaves but for the video tutorial I’ll most likely use 25 or even 30 palm leaves, I’ll also be adding some hanging dead branches under the main bloom of palm to help blend the trunk in with the top of the tree.

And finally color, I only had two shades of green so I suspect I’ll be able to better color the leaves for the video tutorial and I’ll also add a little more detail to the trunk as well.

I’ll make sure I post some updates here before publishing the video and if you have and ideas or suggestions feel free to let me know.