The Next Week & Month: Changing Tides
First of all, you are a beautiful human being. Thank you so much for being a part of the squad and helping  Pet Simmer Julie go above and beyond its current state.

The next five videos that Pet Simmer Julie will publish cover the things you'd expect, but I would also LOVE to release an experiment. Let's go video by video:

  • Lioden Layout Design: Review & Suggestions - I love Lioden and the recent additions made to the game. However, it relies on some outdated page design mechanics and has a lot of opportunity for growth.
  • Original Game Idea: The last time I talked about Bonktopia was over two years ago! There are no mentions of it on my current channel. I would love to Pitch & explain my idea for the game that I would make if I was a game designer.
  • What Is A Neopet? This is my top-requested video from people outside of the community. I will deconstruct the form of a Neopet, but also it's function onsite as well as its role in 1997 vs 2016.
  • Flight Rising Breeding Goals: Whatever is going on right now, isn't working. I'm re-evaluating my method and sharing with the class.
  • FurVilla Gameplay Structure: A simple how-to about FurVilla with strategy pointers for users interested in joining in December.

Let me know what you think of the above. :) I'll also review this on my livestream tomorrow at 2pm-3pm EST. Comment below if you'd like to see me add a second livestream time, and what times work best for you.

The next month is incredibly exciting because Pet Simmer Julie, the entity, will bring in a revenue for the first time. It will still be operating at a net loss, but it's looking like not only will Patreon supply an income (THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU), but I will also surpass the minimum threshold on YouTube earnings.

All of the YouTube performance metrics are WAY up, any way you cut the data. All comparisons between time segments spell out one thing: my subscribers are the most dedicated hardcore browser based gamers in the internet!

A quick note on Patreon prizes - if you haven't heard from me yet, you will in the next 2 days. :) Keep an eye on those email inboxes.

Thanks, you're the best squad a gal could ask for!