Next "Where's My Mommy?" track drops tomorrow, preview tonight
Hey Patrons,

Tonight, DJ Astov, who spins at will be spinning my next track for the game "Where's My Mommy?", which I've titled "Pinch It Off". His set is generally very beat-centric and he goes live at 11pm eastern - in just over an hour. I'm hoping this will be a boost to Patreon and also my Bandcamp subscriptions, where the track will be downloadable only to you two groups until the soundtrack releases.

I'm really proud of this track. It very much represents my growth in the FM arena as I get better at working on the Sega Genesis. Just like My Adult Life and Flushing, NY, this track is done entirely on a single Sega Genesis / Mega Drive with no post-processing (well, except to fade the track out).

Please feel free to share the link to the stream so that others can hear this track! There is also an EVE Radio chat ( in #eve-radio or on the website) if you would like to join in!

Thanks for your support!

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