Next Year, A Little Help, & Merry Thingies
Hey all, It's a me, Annio.. or something like that. 

Coming up next year...

Next year, from probably February onwards, I will be trying to focus more on the stream. This means that I will be starting to stream longer hours where possible. Some of you know my situation and that I 'may' get disturbed during a broadcast and have to go take care of family stuff, but in these instances I will find some way of leaving you entertained while I'm away. Perhaps a music playlist, or some previous gameplay highlights. I'm not sure yet, but I'll work it out.

I also want to try and seriously build the stream and push for partnership. This is where I will need your guys help. If you too would like to see me get there, grab someone you know who watches twitch, just one person, and drag them into the channel to say hi, give me a follow and become another viewer. 

Twitch runs on stats, it's a business and that's what they want to see. To get a partnership needs 'bums on seats' so if everyone brings just one more person, eventually we'll be getting better viewers numbers!

In other news..

I've introduced the Revlo loyalty scheme to the stream. You get Speshal points for every minute you watch the broadcast, which are redeemable on for rewards, or you can buy 'extra' ticket entries to giveaways (when held) to increase your chance of winning!

Which reminds me - starting Christmas Day I'll be doing '12 days of Christmas Giveaways' which you will already be able to use your Speshal points for. Unless anything goes wrong of course, but hopefully it will all run smoooooooothly.

And now, for some feels.

This is the time of year where we all reflect on the past, dwell on mistakes, and give thanks to those who we love (and I love all you guys!). Without your support I would have had a harder year than I had (and this year has been truly difficult for me).

Support comes in many forms. The most obvious ones are the patreon subscriptions and also those wonderful surprise donations on the stream, but there are many more forms of support that I need to be thankful for too. Lots of people have donated games to the stream during the year for me to use both in the stream and for giveaways. Others have been truly wonderful mods in the chat watching my back, or regular hosters from other streams who send their people to watch me (heaven only knows why!). I'm also thankful for the support all you wonderful viewers who come and laugh with (at) me give me just by being there, and of course last but by no means least, those of you in the ts / discord who help to keep me sane...


But there's one area of support I never thank people for, and thats the group of you who over the years have become what I consider friends. You guys are awesome, and I thank you all for your friendship and hope that you consider me the same way.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Good thingies to you all!