Nick Castle (Halloween's Michael Myers) Niagara Falls Comic Con 2018 Full Panel
Nick Castle -- who famously portrayed the dreaded 'Michael Myers' character in the esteemed classic horror film, "Halloween" -- shares his recollections and views on the film and its legacy with fellow Horror enthusiasts at the 2018 Niagara Falls Comic Con.

Nicholas Charles Castle Jr. (born September 21, 1947) is an American screenwriter, film director and actor best known for his role as 'Michael Myers' in "Halloween," directed by John Carpenter. Castle also co-wrote "Escape from New York" with Carpenter. Castle's other film credits include "Dark Star" where he played the beach ball alien, "Major Payne," "Dennis the Menace," "The Last Starfighter," and "Connors' War" as a director. He wrote the screenplays for the films "Escape from New York" and "Hook." He was the writer and director of the film "Tap."

Castle's most recent project as a writer is "August Rush," a musical-drama directed by Kirsten Sheridan and starring Freddie Highmore, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Robin Williams, and Keri Russell, which was released in 2007. He also stars as himself in the 2010 documentary "Halloween: The Inside Story" by Filipino filmmaker Nick Noble. On December 20, 2017, it was announced that Castle would be reprising his role as 'Michael Myers' in the new Halloween film.

Castle won a Saturn Award for Best Writing for "The Boy Who Could Fly," a Silver Raven (for "Delivering Milo"), a Grand Prize (for "The Last Starfighter"), a Bronze Gryphon, and a Gold Medal of the Regional Council.