Nicole's Diary - Page 1
Hi Patrons! It's supposed to be Spring but here on the East Coast, it's sunny and freezing. This does not bring me joy. What does, though, is being able to communicate with the followers and supporters of EPIPHANY Inc. projects. All of you keep me going as we are rounding the corner to some major moves that you guys have helped ensure for the projects. Thank you so much! Often I get asked "HOW are you doing it all?" I decided to share an online diary with the answer. So starting today on my website, people can tune in and read all about it. I figured this is the closest I'll get to writing my memoirs. So, here I go! Please check in as well and share with your networks who may be curious as to Filmmaking 101-The Nicole Franklin Guide. I'll talk life, career and possibly some spirituality here and there. It's all a process, isn't it? Thanks so much! Off to another meeting and more news soon...
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