Night at the Elemen's - Demo Release v0.5

Teleported to an unknown world, you are stuck in a house full of nice-looking elemental girls. While it does sounds like a dream, there's one minor thing: the angel warns you that those girls aren't ogling you because of your looks, instead they want something more... filling from you. Can you survive several nights away from them while trying to find a way back home, or will you just be another soul who never left the Elemen's house...

The fnaf-like game I've been working on is finally out! This game features actual animations: a huge step up from picture-by-picture game overs from my previous game. Sounds and effects will be added to the game as my video editor makes them, so please don't report audio-less videos as bugs. Animations like these will most likely start appearing in Shrunken Life as well (Along with any future 3D games I make).  Be sure to tell me what you think of the animations on Discord, a channel has been made specifically for this game.

Also expect some changes regarding this patreon. These changes will hopefully get me more active. (Don't worry, there won't be major paywalls)

You can download the game for free here (For Windows, Mac and Linux): 

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