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Night blossoms
Night blossoms, 2014. Watercolor. One of the series closest to my heart is the live action drama of Nodame Cantabile, about genius musicians and the way art (and despair, and hope, and the raw, sheer joy of music) transforms -- sustains -- encompasses their lives. There's this moment where a conductor, caught up in the orchestral music he's conducting, exclaims in his mind: and now from darkness, light! And the music breaks forth, a flood of golden, brilliant sound. This was something of an experiment, a risk. A dare, maybe. Dark paper is difficult to work with because, well, how do you create light? You'd do it normally by leaving areas practically bare of color, but on dark paper you do the opposite -- you build up the watercolor, layer upon layer, iridiscence upon iridiscence. I used mica-infused watercolor here, a medium I'm not very familiar with, in beloved colors: warm gold, bronze, deep magenta, pale pink. I started out not really knowing what I wanted to paint; all I had was this need to see something bright come out of the black paper. Because I wanted to believe, I guess, that illumination could break through, could maybe prove the incessant pattern of despair wrong. I'm not very good at using art as therapy, but this time I think it worked. I hope you enjoy it, too. (Attachments is a semi-closeup from a different angle. I wanted to give a better idea of the sheen -- it's gorgeous how this piece just glows, face to face -- and I think I may have to do a few more tries until I succeed!) From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this piece possible; thank you for enabling me to work on more art.
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