Night Games - Enter the Ninja Girl b3 (Public release)
The new update for Night Games is now available to everyone.  It's been a while since the last update, so a lot of content has piled up.

This is the first update since the forum went live, so let’s make the most of it. If you have any bug reports or want to talk about the game, please speak up on the forum here: 

If you like the game and are interested in getting the Premium art, it's never too late to become a $5 supporter.


Yui can now be unlocked as an opponent by talking to Aesop after she pledges her loyalty and you've visited her a few times

Art for Slime pet

Art for Dominate skill (player and NPC)

Art for Fondle Breasts (clothed and topless)

Art for Tickle (player initiated)

Removed the Locator action. It was never designed to work with this Action system and it crashes whenever I change the UI.

Added a missing decimal to Footjob damage calculation, it will no longer do 100x more damage than intended

Added another Angel pegging scene by Jotor for players with high submission

Fixed Mara gaining double stat gains at high rank

Nerfed Fitness Nut and Expert Googler traits. They now add a fixed +1 to stat gains instead of doubling them

To help reduce the wild variations in NPC stats late game, NPCs will no longer exercise and watch porn as daytime activities

NPCs now have fixed Stamina and Arousal gain on levelup

Made NPCs more likely to buy advanced attribute training during the day

NPCs now use more of their day visiting each other

All NPCs can now visit the Workshop to upgrade their toys after rank 1

Maya now has upgraded sex toys when she appears

Goodnight Kiss now requires a Sedative in addition to its Mojo cost

Yui will provide sedatives at high Ninjutsu, you can also make them in the Chemistry Lab

Fixed the bug in the Challenge Seeker perk, I think

If an NPC has a portraitset and not a spriteset, the portrait will be displayed when sprites are enabled

Being unable to act now gives a penalty of -999 evasion, which should cause all skills to hit

Carry and Fly now deal pleasure when initiated, identical to Fuck

Fixed a bug that was preventing Samantha's Professional upgrades from working with Lick Pussy and Finger

Fixed a bug where the Dirty Fighter perk's damage bonus wasn't applying for players

Fixed a bug where the sprite sometimes showed a character's new costume while they stil wore the old one.

Fixed a bug where Mara would buy multiple ticklers

Increased the stamina cost and calming effect of Sacrifice

Shredding Palm is now capable of knocking down an opponent, like vanilla Shove

Reimplemented Samantha's upgraded Striptease that causes Charmed

Increased the effectiveness of Strip EX

Increased the effectiveness of Bra Master and Panty Peeler traits

Substantially nerfed Drain Energy

Minor changes to knockdown probability

In all double team encounters, the sprites for both girls should be shown if available

Fiddled with title screen scaling so it looks a bit less janky

Location descriptions now always appear at the top for better readability

Added sprites/portraits to most relevant noncombat scenes

Added more spacing to several scenes for readability

Other miscellaneous UI improvements

Added reports when characters take damage or get statuses, similar to what is in the mod.

Damage reports are dependent on having high enough Perception

Damage reports require a change to each skill, please let me know if I missed any

Damage reports can be disabled in options

Added three Ki training scenes, one by KVernik

Added a Science training scene

Added the missing Hypnosis skills: 

Humiliate applies Shamed to the target, repeat uses dramatically increase the effect

Enflame Lust applies Horny to the target, repeat uses dramatically increase the effect

Crush Pride deals Temptation damage based on the number of stacks of Shamed, a good finisher after using Humiliate

Added a new Angel double team scene against NPCs with dicks

The success rate of gaining speed from Video Games is now positively influenced by Perception

Added "Ultimate" skills to each of the advanced attributes that unlock at 30 points:

Arcane gets Mana Fortification, which costs a lot of Mojo, but briefly buffs Power, Seduction, and Speed

Dark gets Lust Overflow, which inflicts horny on self, but all sex skills do 300% pleasure damage

Science gets Matter Converter, which converts all your clothing into a powerful bind attack

Ki gets Pleasure Bomb, a powerful pleasure attack that consumes all stamina, but does double damage against stunned opponents

Animism gets Pheromone Pink Overdrive, which makes the target's arousal match the user's

Fetish gets Nymphomania, which consumes a fetish goblin to inflict multiple status effects

Ninjutsu gets Fertility Rite, which can only be used on an incapacitated target, but causes intense arousal over time

Fixed a bug with starting max arousal

Players now start with some cash

On easy difficulty, Players start with much more cash

Fixed a crash when opponent uses Double Strip to a topless player

Moved the messages for Bunshin Assault and Bunshin Service to make them more readable

Fixed the gender misidentification in Bunshin Assault and Bunshin Service

Art for Strip Tease(NPC initiated)

Premium Only:

Art for Angel's 1st Sex scene

Art for Angel's 2nd Games scene

Art for Cassie's 1st Games scene

Art for Cassie's 2nd Sex scene

Art for Jewel's 1st Sex scene

Art for Jewel's 1st Games scene

Art for Mara's 1st Games scene

Art for Mara's 2nd Sex scene