The Night Museum by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Broken Eye Books is publishing The Night Museum by Joseph S.  Pulver, Sr. as an ongoing serial of weird fiction short stories and novelettes, interludes and documents. These tales will be given life  over the coming months in various narrative styles and structures,  reflecting the variety of things to be discovered and encountered in the  Night Museum.

What is the Night Museum? It is the boundaryless  repository of all things ever thought, experienced, made, imagined—all  things dreamed of, discarded, found, won, lied over, both the faraway  and nearby, that exist under the labyrinthine, black-shadowed skirts of  Mother Night. The Night Museum is the home to the mysterious Boatman, to  the writers Loftus and Bori, and to the curator Book, a steampunk  projection who sometimes serves as an escort to those who come to the  Night Museum without a field guide. And there are creatures aplenty: the  Voy and Ogr the cricket, who serves as Mother Night’s eyes and ears,  and the nightwolves and a spider that lives in Mortlook, the Janitor of  Lunacy--(he and a character named Fable have a long night to share with you)—and  a murderous ghost named Hild and many others. You'll see a murder  mystery, a mysterious package arriving in the dead of night, and perhaps  something from the bestiary and more, all told in the inimitable poetic prose of the author.

"Many  times over the past few years," says Joe, "I have thought about  returning to the Night Museum, but somehow, despite my mountains of  notes, the opportunity never arose. I’ve dusted off my notes for Broken  Eye Books and have begun exploring . . .  

"The Night Museum and the character Book first appeared in my novel The Orphan Palace  (2011), and it is with great pleasure I return to investigate the  contents of its many corridors, salons, balconies, and landscapes."

The Night Museum will be the first title in our new line of serials, exclusively offered on the Broken Eye Books Patreon  with new chapters released regularly to patrons (every other month or  so). The first installment will be released to patrons in July/August.  Once the first season of The Night Museum is complete (in 2018), it will be collected and made available to everyone in print and ebook format.