night of secret
 " it was nice, with nothing but fires and moon light to light the world.  Bf took a seat near a fire a little bit away form the rest. she wanted  some peace and just enjoy some mooon light. no not just that she just  wanted to sit down and feel more clearly anagar was there next to her.  They just sit there camly in peace and quiet. not a word said, but of  course knowing angar and herslef it woulndt last. angar smiles as he leans more to her: your smileing, what your smileing about?
bf didnt answer her smile only grew.: nothing really. just- enjoyign a little secret.
angars eye brow goes up: care to share? bf: nope. this is one i will not share with ya.
angar  was genually surpised: really? but you always share secrets with me.  why now? bf: cuze i want too have just one for myself.
she winks and  smiled more looking up to the moon. angar chukled: alright. ill give you  that. but i will warin you. you just peeked my curiasity.
bf didnt reply she just looked at the moon and smiled having her small secret all to herself."

ahhh  these two~  who can honestly say no to them? XD lol this is what poped  up to my head while streaming and slitening to some romantic songs. (yes  yes ia m a sap shush) but anyways i hope ya all like it, its not colord  but i felt i sould share regardless XD

characters (C) by me!