Night Out
But Jaso ....Jasmine ... you can't go out like that!

Why not?

Why no ... you're naked that's why!

No one knows that, they'll just think I'm wearing a very tight catsuit.

But I know you're naked!

Well then you'll get a secret thrill watching me slink around all night in  nothing but a pair of stilettoes.

But ... at least wear a coat or a jacket. Or something. Please?

Only if you give me what I want.

I .. I ... that's .. that's just ....


stop sputtering sweetheart. Look your friend Jason is dead. He died in a nasty lab accident. And now you're sharing a house with his twin sister, okay? Who, apart from being disowned by the whole family which is why no-one has ever heard of her, is also a rubber-skinned insatiable nymphomaniac. Who incidentally has broken three vibrators already just from fantasizing about you.


Stop gaping babe it's most unbecoming. Look just stop being a prude and give me a good rogering, and I'll be a good girl. Well for tonight anyway.