Night Traffic in Open Secrets (Excerpt) by Black Mountain School

Waterfall, highway, morning in distant foothills, avenues in Krakow, Shanghai, San Diego; fishing pier, railroad crossing, theater lobby, campus, grocery store, low country farmer's fields.

Combine these sounds, tones, and their associated patterns into events, aural metaphors, and reflections; they generate a dynamic and series of movements that coalesce, unfold, disperse and return. 

These represent nuances of human movements and perceptions of environments, a kind of musical journey within a psychic field. 

I think of Futurist music as a kind of "transformation ambient" or  "sketch" sound art, designed with these general fundamentals in mind, with the intent of reaching the listener's unconscious and natural awareness.  This is why the typical elements of beat, rhythm, melody and so forth are not apparent, or left undeveloped, in these long-form musical pieces.