Nighthold Progress
Day 1 of Nighthold is done and I did a lot of updates to improve/fix nighthold mods. To get all specifics can look at running change log here 

More work to do still. Mainly to Elisande and Chronomatic Anomaly to correct many changed timers. The rest of zone is looking pretty good now, including Gul'dan which recieved most attention of all the mods in last day. 

I hope to tag a new release soon, once I can get the two bosses above to a moer satisifactory state. In meantime, if you are progression in nighthold, please try out alpha version by setting release type in curse cllient to alpha or manually downloading alpha version off and ensure you have all the latest progress to help your progression as well as being able to provide feedback on any missed issues not fixed on list so far.

All in all I'm pleased with how well the beta mods worked. Many bosses were flawless. It still is a shame the amount of work that went into mods no one will get to see. At least half of these bosses had advanced arrows/huds already done. oh well. :P