The Nightmare begins
Tomorrow/today, raids finally open up. This goes without saying, but the mods are likely to have bugs from changes. Things maybe removed from combat log, timings that have changed since beta, etc. As such, I'll be working on reading all user reports (as well as raiding myself) to ensure everything is fixed in a timely manor. If you encounter any issues, remember, the best way to expedite them is to actually report them (and being specific is very helpful. Logs/screenshots etc).

On top of that, mythic+ and world bosses. I can tell you now that a lot of the world mods are incomplete/drycodes still. Not all are up all the time so some were just not fully developed during beta. These will also need feedback and fixes/additions.

Lastly, because of the PTR also going on, time will no doubt have to be spent on that as well depending on what is in store for the next round of Monday testing. I suspect probably 3rd boss of valor and maybe some kara (or maybe more nighthold retests/adjustments). I also have to find time to do the odyn updates still (I did the test and have the data but I have to put it off tomorrow to focus on nightmare launch first and foremost).

All in all, a lot going on and busy times ahead. 

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