Imagine a great and mysterious tower. Tall, dark, and winding like massive, twisting coils of obsidian that stretch towards the heavens against a panoramic backdrop of an iron gray sky. This is the Nightmarium, the focal point of a developing comic project about a teenage girl, who, discovers that she herself possesses psychic powers and then finds herself on a dangerous adventure that thrusts her into an otherworldly plane of the Astral Realm. Ideally, NIGHTMARIUM is likely to be produced as a limited, 4-part mini-series, or fully compiled graphic novel. Aspiring writer, Carmen Lopez, who remains patient while her written contributions to the scripting is being meticulously edited, has already completed the Narrative & Dialog co-scripting. Some conceptual sketches of a few featured characters and props have been produced and continue their development. QEW Publishing, in the meantime, is happily seeking pledges from new Patrons, who to kindly help to see NIGHTMARIUM finally get done.