Nigou Remaster Shimeji [Standing Action]
 ACTIONS: 1/14

Commissioner: Tetsumon 

This Shimeji will be downloadable, so Patrons have access to the Beta Link ! Besides, this Shimeji will be a Remaster of this one here.

YES! Is what you are imagining :D the asymmetry code is finally here! The programmer will make it official in the next days, we are already preparing the release! Be aware to Kilkakon's Patreon!

At same time, the version without t-shirt is being drawn. When the transformation code will be added to the Shimeji program, I will post that one as well :3 if you get the Beta stuff, you may seen it there once in a while XD probably just in an extra folder of it~ I like to test the stuff after all.

I hope you like it!


PS: sorry for this hiatus x'D the uni work I had was hard, long and boring. Now will have some days to draw <3 expect frequent updates. But well, I may do the last touches to the NSFW page instead and start there too, because I have content already and I can't really submit it here anymore :3

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