I'm not sure how you managed it but you've somehow become a $20 Patron!!

I'm restricted to mobile internet at the moment and for some reason am unable to send direct messages through patreon so I hope you'll see this post. 

I am massively grateful that you have chosen to pledge this amount but without sounding ungrateful or disrespectful, I cannot accept it. If I was making Hollywood - box office smashing content then maybe, but with what I'm am currently producing I wouldn't feel right accepting this amount which is why the maximum I set was $10 so It would be nice to know how you managed to beat the system and pledge more than this lol. I can't even blame it on a typo as the option needs to be clicked XD

Genuinely so grateful that you wish to pledge this much but I'm gonna have to be a bit of an ass and ask you very politely to amend your membership. 

*IF* you've only pledged $1,2,or 10 then ignore this and give the guys at patreon HQ a big slap for making it appear that you have given more!

Either way, if you could let me know that would be super awesome!