Nina Pillpintu Raurana (Story: Illa)
Hi there!

She's Nina, one of the main characters from a storythat I'm currently creating, titled "Illa".

The title for the project is "The World Beyond the Mist", since it's a story that encompasses a whole world and its history, and there are several stories that transpire in this world. But sometimes I call it "Illa Project" for simplicity.

Illa is a fantasy story based on myths, folklore and traditions from my homeland, Peru, and it's a story I've been working on for several years now. My dream and goal is to one day be able to publish this story.

Why did I choose the manga style? Well, aside from creating stories, manga and anime have been my passions since I was a kid. Another passion for me is reading and learning about the ancient history of my country, so this project was literally born by combining all my passions together. The version of the name in Katakana was intended for the post in Pixiv, but I feel an special affection towards Japanese culture, so I've decided to leave it there and to do this from now on in future character sheets. The katakana writing here is actually done according to the Quechua pronounciation of the name, which is often not exactly the same as it would bein languages such as Spanish or English.

Thank you very much for your support!