Nine the Phantom release!

Well, took a while huh?
Did lots of advancements this month and I'd say it's been pretty fun~

Although I must say transitioning to HD sprites has been tough, sides from the sprite size I've been having problems implementing animations so it's a little rough but I think I'll do some more polishing for a future update if there's a demand. Also, no Standing Doggy for the time being.

For a better appreciation of the sprites I'd suggest to use the zoom in feature in Tower of Bloodyfight.

I would also like to put a notice here: I will put this character on early access for about 20 days, until then please don't upload Nine elsewhere. If the 20 days occur and I happen to forget to upload on a public site such as Mugen Archive please notify me about it, you can upload it as long as you credit me but I encourage you that you ask permission first please ^^

I'll upload vids in the coming days but for now, enjoy! :3!eGwHTIYR!kZmLa6RfTG7lzne4hTFKU3fKTyPX9Wb6y-amigT7w4Q 

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