NiProWriMo 9/30: So Extra
There was a waitress in diner down the street. She was always there in her sensible shoes. Always serving coffee. Always maintaining an friendly and guarded banter with the regulars, of which I was one.

Until she wasn't.

And then the diner was different. Not as... diner-y. It was as if the lighting changed.

I didn't know that I was used to her. But I was. I wouldn't have imagined that I'd miss her. But I did. And I didn't even know enough about her to justify that feeling.

Today, let's write about the loss of someone, real or imagined, who was/is not in your intimate circle. A co-worker. A classmate. The barista. The crossing guard. The cashier.

Alternatively, you might write a poem in the imagined voice of a person you barely know but come in contact regularly.