Nirakul Archives Update 11.12.20 (The Night Collector)

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(continuing from 08.07.20 update)

If you caught that 'technical problems' post of mine, you knew how I'm convinced that the whole thing is well-cursed. And when that happened, you've got to make the damn thing twice-cursed....and get even.  I don't fully understand the problem, to be honest. But It's fixed.

You may have to clear the site's memory in order for everything to work correctly. The way I do it on firefox is to go to 'history' > 'forget about this site'.

— First update of  The Night Collector has been added. [foyer, Nirakul Archives]

- For now, you can reach it through the drawer in 1st floor, foyer room, Nirakul Archives and through some picture frames in a room the 1st floor archives library.
- Different things happen during the day and night. Most happens in the night-time, however. The thing is quite extensive, if you do everything.
- It is possible to get all 3 of the optional key items, but that does nothing special...for now.
*Please let me know about malfunctions/broken links, I was the only tester.
*Have sounds / Have bad words
**Will not work on mobile/tablet devices, like most of the Archives, but especially for The Night Collector.

— Added a few Portraits of Alisa inside Portrait of Alisa, in the foyer  area [Nirakul Archives]

— There is Something out of the open window in the entrance of the Archives Library [1st floor, Nirakul Archives] and another thing inside it.

— That cat in sitting somewhere in  the 1st floor Archives Library [Nirakul Archives]

— That fake orchid in a vase in the foyer area [Nirakul Archives]

The Story of Miss Moppet added to one of the bookshelf. [audio] [ Archives Library, Nirakul Archives]

— Living quarter added  [3rd floor hallway, Nirakul Archives] Staff reported odd sound and lights in the night-time.
(Lan finally has a bed and schedule. You won't see him in the staff office all day anymore.)

— More picture of Romy added in the Archives coffee room 's magazine rack [1st floor, Nirakul Archives]

— Added few Portraits in the archive's library area [1st floor, Nirakul Archives]

— Removed "Item Catalogue"

— Museum Guide has a minor update. (Inventory section)

— Things in previous places link to more recent places, and likewise.

— Updated Index, home, and Log(update) pages.

— Fixed found broken files and links.

Not sure If I've got everything ! It's been some time since the last update. 


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 133 exclusive posts